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Posted by Amir Aidid - -

i was walking and jumping from blog to blog just now , and ame terjumpa something yang menarik perhatian ame . before that , the name of the blog is , KISAH KLASIK UTK MSE DEPAN . nice name huh ? and the author / owner of this blog is currently organizing *organizing ek the suitable word ?* this contest . CLICK HERE .

and , ame decided to take part . auww .

such a brilliant idea ohh the author / owner of this kisah klasik utk mase depan buat contest macam nie . sebab ame percaya , ramai di antara kita ada bff masing masing kan ? so , before ame proceed lets define bff - best friend forever . for me , it is not easy for us to actually find or have so called bff nie . kann ? but , once you have it , got it , please people , do take a great care of it . yes , i have my own bffs . and they are ; arddri and aneff .

me , arddri and aneff .
*ohh , ignore my face , muka muda tu . LOL*

about arddri ; hes such a hilarious person . yes , whenever im with him , i cant even stop laughing . and we when are together , three of us ; kami leh laughing like crazy until people around us pandang with their muka berkerut . i met arddri during my tesl year back at 2009/2010 . pertama kali kami tegur , ame tanya arddri at what time kami kena berkumpul during our minggu mesra siswa/siswi back at uitm lendu , melaka . ohh i miss that moment . and during that time , arddri told himself that , one day , im gonna be his bff . and now , yes , we are bff .

about aneff ; well , this beautiful boy ermm , sangat sangat pemalu . like seriously i never met people with this high level of malu . HAHA . ame sangat selesa bila dengan die . and yes did fight , and get mad to each other very often . sebab ame suka gaduh gaduh ngan aneff . as hes not a type of person yang reti pujuk orang . so ame akan gaduh gaduh dengan die and ame suka tengok effort die pujuk ame . LOL . same with arddri , i met aneff during my tesl year too . kali pertama tegur was , what a nice name your have , amir aidid . and i was like , thanks .

arddri and aneff

about us ; yes , we did cry together , we did laugh together , we did share every single thing . as the only child in my family , so sometimes i really need someone to talk with . i did the talking with my parents but , at a time we need someone with the same age with us right ? so , i will go to them and asking for their shoulder and their ears , listening to my problems or what so ever . well , dah masuk second year , we was like knowing each other and , ame bersyukur ke hadrat Ilahi , walaupun ame tak di kurnia kan dengan adik beradik tapi ame di damping kan dengan people like them . people yang faham ame , yang sayang ame seadanya auwww .

to maintain our relationship , we did text each other , A LOT ! we ym-ing often . sometimes , we mms-ing each other . HAHA . i still remember, i've asked aneff his retarded face and he mms-ed me the most funny picture ever , i wish that i could uploaded here . tapi takut aneff bising plak nanti . huhu . kami selalu contact each other via facebook too . bila msg msg dah online , like for sure penuh wall kami dengan wall post msg msg . haha . yes , kami suka ber wall posting and tell the whole world that we are bff . kalau the girls sibuk dengan mereka nye pillow talk , and hello , kami pun kadang kadang buat okayy . HAHA . apa yang kami talk kan ? well , first masalah yang nak di share kan , then kalau leh settle kat situ gak kami tolong settle kan . second , ape yang jadi sepanjang tempoh kami tak jumpe each other , more or less like gossiping laa nie . third , bout our study . LOL . yes , we did talk bout our study okayy . well , at least we have the word education during our pillow talk . BHAHA .

i think cukup kot sampai sini , kalau nak cite sume , mahu jadi novel with title , the bffs . buleh ? to arddri and aneff , thanks for being such a lovely and most important is , understanding person to me . yes , if i would choose , i really want both of you to be by my side all the time . but , yes i know all of us ada tanggungjawab msg msg kan ? seorang study kat sana , seorang study kat sini and ame pula tercampak kat puncak alam nie *wuuu , jauh wey ngan dieorg , as dieorg kat shah alam . LOL , jauh ke ? HAHA* , but we still can hangout when three of us betul betul free kan ? *winkwink* ohh , before i forget good luck with for final papers guys . LOL .

i would like to have ;

to join this contest too .

and , sorry tiba tiba ame rasa macam entry nie panjang sangat . hope the organizer of this contest have enough time to read all of it . thank you . ;)

saya sayang semua kawan saya ,
no doubt , nothing gonna change that .

2 Responses so far.

  1. MiSz eiN says:

    hye ame
    sory sgt lambat bace.
    niey baru berkesempatan

    alahai comel la u ols punye frenship nie
    xsangka lak boy pn ade BFF smpai mcm nie
    biasenye gurls jek

    anyway, semoga frenship u ols akan berkekalan
    thanx for joined and gud luck!

  2. A N E F F says:

    uit .. berani kau upload gambo tu ! aku bako paya dalam kang ..

    kita bako ! kita bako !