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the hiccups' house .

Posted by Amir Aidid - -

salam jam dua pagi to all . LOL .

maaf laa agak lewat ame post entry nie , well , ame dah wrote this entry dari petang tadi , tapi in the middle of my writing , hilang idea lak . haha . so , malam nie laa baru ame sempat post .

the hiccups' house .

remember me group sedang berkerja untuk membina website , and still remember this post ?CLICK HERE . nampak tak , at the beginning stage of our website , quite lame and boring kan design die . and today , ame nak present our website yang dah siap .

tarrrddaahhh ..

the homepage

somell tak ? and somehow ame terfikir untuk ambik header our website nie , then put it as my blog's header . will it be a crime ? but people , one thing for sure , this one is better than before kan ? the one yang ade kat my previous post . yes , i guess it is . last thursday was the day that we actually presented our website to people , classmates and the lecturer . and yes we did it very well . and shall i say , most of them , impressed ? ;)

thanks to all my group members yang banyak membantu dalam menyiap kan website kita nie . well , kalau ame nak buat seorang , haish , terkangkang kangkang laa kann . BHAHA . ohh , the address or url laa kan ? of this website will be release soon . sabar ye . masih banyak lagi yang kami nak put in and ade few adjustment nak buat in this website .

credited to ;
nikhafizi , halipah , fadzliana , noratikah .