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EGO and Petronas Twins Tower , mana lagi tinggi ?

Posted by Amir Aidid - -

good evening people .

ignore the title if you think im merepek . haha . believe it or not , picture buruk bawah nie , ame lukis sendiri . HAHA . punya laa gigih nak tunjuk betapa ego tu lagi tinggi and besar dari KLCC tu . BHAHA . well , ame ade tulis Losers Are Someone Who Cant Alter the Ego . Gosh , i think it should be Loser Is Someone Who Cant Alter the Ego . ignore my grammatical errors please . *winkwink*

so heres the thing ,

1. you made mistakes , and you hardly say sorry - ego .
2. you really like that person , but you never told him/her bout your feeling - ego .
3. you know your answers wrong and your friend's right , but you still wanna have fight bout it - ego .
4. bodoh sombong *sorry a bit harsh here* - ego .
5. when you with your partner , you asyik nak menang je - ego .

people , there is something that you should know , ego can be alter . yes , i repeat ego can be alter am i right ? so , try to alter you enjoy mengikut situation yang sesuai . boleh people ?

santek tak lukisan handmade saya ?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    who says we cant change something that impossible to change? even Qada' and Qodar that have been stated by Allah also we can change by Doa' with the effort, we will get what actually we want...... :))