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1st Contest Dari xcyber : Pose Depan Cermin .

Posted by Amir Aidid - -

salam . sedang ame berblogwalking di pagi yang hening nie , terserempak dengan satu blog nie , nice blog juga shall i say . and the owner of that blog organized a contest which is pose depan cermin . huhu . nice kan ? so , im looking at my gallery and gosh , banyak nye gambar ame depan cermin , so i decided to join this contest . *winkwink*

so , below is my pose depan cermin yang ame rasa ade value . erk . motiff laa ade value , ye tak . haha . but i think , nie laa gambar yang 'terbaek' dari ame . BHAHA :))

"each and every one of us should have this-so-called inner loser"

so , other bloggers that should join ;

pose depan cermin is a must ! HAHA .

5 Responses so far.

  1. Afsar says:

    Besok ader appointment potong rambut,then after that, i'll post my pose depan cermin!!

  2. a m e says:

    to afsar ; okayy okayy ! huhu . join tau nnt . huhu . ;)

    nak potong rambut kat ne ? siap appointment bagai ? :O

  3. a m e says:

    to baby azie ; haha . broadband dah tak leh gune ? then , comment ame nye blog guna ape nie ? public phone ? BHAHA !

  4. xcyber says:

    Review blog yg join my contest..

    Thanks ya join my contest..

    Hehe nice pic..

    With u luck yer..

    Kalau menang ade la rezeki tuh.. Gud luck again