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if i have that chance !

Posted by Amir Aidid - -

dear girlfriends ,
its me , do u still remember ? i've heard lot of stories bout you recently . and why , why so much people talk about you ? you ade wat salah ehh , otherwise people wont talk about you this bad . kan ? yes , i still remember when i said goodbye to you and you promised me that you wanna be a good girl ? -___-"

some oldies said , kerana mulut badan binasa , but why , why you used your mouth to harm your own body ? isnt hurt ? yesh , i know its hurt , but why you cant open both of your eyes and see the truth ? huh ? please step out from the world of fantasy created by you . you might think all of your friends on your side now , but tomorrow , deep in their heart , you are just a piece of shit ! waiting to be flushed away by them .

isnt sweet having all the bff , gff , or what-so-ever ff under one roof ? can you imagine betapa meriah nye during weekends ? all the screaming boys and girls , gossips , throwing pillows , under one roof ? omg ! best kot ! kan kan ? agree , rise up your hand . and thank you . but then , shit happens , no more screaming boys and girls , no more throwing pillows because all of them busy hiding their knife that they used to stab their friends .

dear girlfriends ,

i love all of you . tak kesah laa , ko nak propa depan aku ke ape , but one thing for sure , i love all of you . and i dont wanna lose any of you . do you wanna know , what i wanna be if i have that chance ? i wanna be just like glue that can stick you girls and boys together . HAHA . ;) no no , this is serious ! :)

with love , ame

2 Responses so far.

  1. a m e says:

    and i love u . will always do ! muahx ! ;))