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Quiz On Monday :O

Posted by Amir Aidid - -

salam people . 

sebelum ame keluar to grab some lunch , ame nak update blog dulu laa dengan bertemankan lagu INI . can ahh ? can ehh . so , as you all know , today is Sunday and tomorrow is Monday . -.- and each and every one of us have this so called Monday Blues . am i right ? ohh what is Monday Blues ya ? Monday Blues can be define as ;

"the low-spirited , cool , annoyed , sad , unlucky mood of those workers , students , or employees who feel that a mundane , difficult , unexpected weekday is arriving to force them into going back to work , classes , killing their joys and annoying them"

you get what i mean right ? in simple words , kemalasan untuk menghadapi hari Isnin laa . and dalam kemalasan menghadapi hari Isnin , my kind-hearted lecturer awal awal sudah beritahu ada kuiz on this Monday . dang ! 

Communicating at Work Textbook 

and its Communicating at Work's Quiz . and i was like , -.- ! the subject is not that tough , but for the way my lecturer told us about her previous students' results , its really freaking me out . dan dan , muka pucat -.- ! nak sedap kan hati , mungkin dia nak psycho kami saja , nak kami study dengan lebih . or , mungkin betul ? :O ohhmy , guess i should start open the textbook and do some reading huh . and ...

the current situation 

this is the situation now . the book is open , the laptop is also on , the blackberry is also very near to me . how am i suppose to study in this situation . -.- God please help me , this semester i really want to give mama my-four-flat-result . ;) i really hope i can . grrr grrr *thats the spirit ame* 

okayy people . i really gonna go . gonna grab my lunch and next study , hope so . i want to put away the laptop , phones and all . and one more thing , wish me luck ya on Monday's Quiz . although it is only a quiz , but i really hope that i can score it ! 

8 Responses so far.

  1. Zamri A. says:

    Good luck Ame! You can do it. Malaysia boleh! Hehe.. :)

  2. Good Luck ame :)
    Doakan utk 2nd last and last paper dieyla jugak :)

  3. @Zamri A. thank you Mr. Zamri ! harus laa Malaysia Boleh kannn . :D

  4. @Dieyla Adila thank you diela ! and good luck for your second last and your last paper . all the best !