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fever ohh flu !

Posted by Amir Aidid - -

yesterday , ame went to Anugerah Seri Angkasa at PWTC . the event was so superb and im sooo excited dapat peluang untuk ke sana . well , we went there by car , ada tiga kereta semua nya . semua nya sangat bergaya , the girls dengan evening dress laa , caftan bagai and the boys looked soo smart with black suit , me and zarul dressed in different way . haha . pictures will be upload soon . and nanti ame wat post laa ye .


today , AME DEMAM ! tak larat langsung nak bangun . nak write this post pun ame gagahi juga ! after makan bubur ayam Mcd , and drink a cup of hot coffee . lega laa sikit . the thing is actually , most of my friends yang pergi Anugerah semalam , demam ! maybe penat and tidak cukup rehat kann ?

doakan ame and all of friends yang demam sihat ye . sebab rabu nie , ame ade test , so do my other friends . pity us kan ? :((

i was thinking of not going to class tomorrow ,
but , risau ada quiz pulak esok . :((
any idea people ?

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  1. a m e says:

    to aneff ; sorry dear , saya degil . tadi saya ke kelas . :(