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saya straight laa ! ;)

Posted by Amir Aidid - -

someone called me just now , and ...

someone ; ame ? hey , quick turn on your lappie and get connected . tengok ape budak nie post kat wall kau . make it fast okay .

ame ; wow , chill laa . nape nie ? whats wrong ? aku mmg biase laa wall-to-wall ngan my friends .

someone ; but this is not a normal wall post . just get online now , login to your facebook and VIEW IT LAA !

ame ; ohh okayy okayy . -__-"

and this is the wall post that made me soo speechless !

like seriously , im still speechless sampai laa sekarang . what makes that boy terdetik untuk tanya ame that kind of question ? he said that , hes wondering bout my orientation after looking at my pictures . LOL . well , it is true when people said , picture describe things better than words !

to that boy ; im so sorry dear , but as i said , dont judge people by their profile picture . thank you .

what do you think bout my pictures ?
saya nampak tak straight ke dalam gambar ? :O

3 Responses so far.

  1. A N E F F says:

    menarik ! menarik ! *tepuk tgn dengan begitu kuat skali*

  2. a m e says:

    to aneff ; erkk , thanks ? motif laa kau tepuk tangan begitu kuat ?

  3. Then whats is d answer, r u straight guy?