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people at facebook .

Posted by Amir Aidid - -

hey .

before ame pergi bersiram , ame nak luah kan sedikit rasa terkilan ame . well , as you can read the title , yes , it is about one of my friends at facebook . not to say , ame kenal die sangat , she just my kenalan facebook laa .

last night , ame chat with her and she asked my for a sort of date . ame tolak dengan cara baik , atas alasan ame ada tests *see the S at the back of test* next week . and surprisingly she said , alaa typical laa you nie . i pun ada test next week . i was like , ehh , what the hell with this girl nak ckp ame typical typical . yes , most of the time , memang ame enjoy my life . tapi bila ada tests or quizzes ame akan kurang kan . tambahan lagi nak final nie . sebab bagi ame , ame perlu dahulu kan pelajaran ame daripada hangout with you desperate girl .

and ame pun tergerak laa nak stalk page die lepas tu kan . and again , ame rasa terkejut with all her status . omjayyy , psycho *psycho ke the correct word* sangat weyy . dah laa update status , like sendiri . then bila tak ada orang comment , die akan comment that status sndr and craving for people to comment it too . examples below ;

having a deep mental and self depression at time square . i begin to hate looking at human .

can any english speaker date with me out dis sunday ? im tired of dating malay speaker .

kepada orang yang tengah sakit tu , ko sakit sebab karma . ko ade pikir tak ? kalau tak ko tak sakit teruk macam tu .

and this girl think that her english is so excellent . but her english was like , omjayyy . even ame baca pun urut dada okayy . not to say , my english is good but , at least i know the basic of english yaw . make thing easier that girl ibarat kacang lupa kan kulit . yes , she is .

she even mentioned that , i tak boleh cakap malay laa . tak fasih , nanti macam rojak . well , mana ehh asal that girl cakap malay pun tak fasih . so , ame assumed yang she was born somewhere overseas laa , as she cant even talk in malay . but sadly shes only from one of state at utara malaysia . purely from there and both of her parents are from there too . tak fasih cakap malay ape nye , i bet you just being ngada ngada .

to wrap things up , kalau you rasa you're clever enough , ingat laa ade orang yang lagi pandai . kalau you rasa your english is good enough , ingat laa ade orang lagi fluent dari you . kalau you pikir you have everything in this world , ingat laa ade orang that can conquer this world . if you think you are everything , keep it yourself laa girl . okayy ?

BE HUMBLE . thats all that i can say .

3 Responses so far.

  1. Anonymous says:

    u should say to her that u also cannot speak malay...and say that, ala...ko duk depan tv ratah belacan gak an...... -madi-
    try la....

  2. a m e says:

    to madi ; HAHA . although i cant speak malay very well , but , i keep it myself . and at least i can write well in malay . am i ? BHAHA .

    betul laa . ame duduk depan tv makan belacan gak . hoho .