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facebookless - day one .

Posted by Amir Aidid - -

hari pertama without facebook ; as early as 8.30 in the morning , ame dah masuk makmal komputer . untuk subject Office Software and Document Application , my lecturer buat speed typing test . so , sementara ame tunggu giliran untuk berspeed test , ame duduk laa online . lepas check any comments kat blog nie , ame terus buka another tab , any started to type , ! and suddenly one of my friends tepuk tangan ame and shout , "hey ame ! lupa laa tu awak dah deactivated facebook account awak ! grrr ~" and i was like , maaf maaf . actually , like seriously ame sangat terlupa ohh . gigil tangan ame kena tepuk aww tadi .
ame harap sangat yang ame dapat tahan without facebook . ;)

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  1. a m e says:

    to eera ; HAHA . ame akan bukti kan yang ame mampu . haha . *mood ; gigih*