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birthday kakak saya !

Posted by Amir Aidid - -

happy 21th birthday to my non-biological sister ! BHAHA :))

Azeera Ahmad , you such a good sister to me and thank you for that .

sis , again , im really really sorry sebab tak dapat join you all . next time will do okayy ? so , this post ame wat special untuk kakak sebagai ganti ame tak dpt join your birthday party that night . okayy ?

alahai , chocolate cake right ? damnnn , im so craving for chocolate right now ! nanti birthday ame pun , ame nak chocolate cake and please no dirty pranks okayy ? ;)

p/s ; to you Azeera Ahmad , you're now 21th years old and i believe you can take care of yourself right ? you're big enough to decide wheres the good and bad things . and i would like to say thanks , a lot of thanks because being such a great sister to me . you're so caring and concern about me . ame selesa sangat share stories with you sister and ame harap sangat hubungan kita kekal till the end , okayy sister ?

kakak , jangan lupa birthday adik kakak nie tau !
06/February ; my birthday .
other people take note too okayy . ;)