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tears lead me here !

Posted by Amir Aidid - -

currently listening to Thank God by Mariah Carey and it is , 5.18 in the morning . i havent sleep yet since yesterday . and the best part is , less than 4 hours from now , i still have one more paper , human communication to be sit .

i just cant sleep , why ? simple , im afraid of overslept . can you imagine , your paper is at 9 in the morning , but u woke up at 9.30 in the morning . omg omg ! for sure , mengigil kan kepala lutut you . HAHA . the second reason is , there is still one more chapter to be read , chapter 6 on topic , interpersonal communication . so , right now my eyes struggle staring at the book while my hand busy typing this post . HAHA .

actually for the past few hours , my eyes have this so called tears . i dont why , but that tears opened my heart to start repost on this post blog which i guess dah lme laa gak tak bukak . hoho . the thing is , i dont even know why the tears keep running from my eyes . maybe , maybe , it is almost the end of semester and i felt sad of leaving all my friend behind . because , most of them are from sarawak which is quite far for malacca i guess . hoho .

but , dear friend , no matter where you are , remember this phrase , we falls as together and that’s why we still stand till now .

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  1. a m e says:

    haha . tak sangke ko still follow . thanks dyana . hoho ;3